Naughty boy restaurateur-chef David Fhima has entered a new phase of personal maturity along with a new business relationship.

He and lovely, patient Lori Dean quietly got married in November before about 25 friends with no formal photographer. "We picked a date the rabbi, Joseph Edelheit, was available and had a small dinner party. I didn't want David to cook but he said he wanted to make the best meal he's ever made," she said. "He did, too."

There was great food Monday at the grand opening of his latest venture, Zahtar by Fhima, at the Life Time Fitness in Eden Prairie, and a big helping of mischief from the charming chef, who never seems to lack for investors despite one staple of this career: business reversals.

That was not the talk of the opening, but tush-grabbing was. One partygoer grabbed Fhima's. That brought a big smile to his face. Then I'm pretty sure Fhima grabbed mine, although he claimed that Life Time CEO Bahram Akradi had done it. Nice try, but Akradi (rhymes with hottie) never arrived at the party, which initiated the opening of other possible Zahtar by Fhima restaurants, here and elsewhere.

"That's one more [time] than he grabbed mine," said Lori when I reported what David did.

Before the party ended, somebody had the temerity to remind Fhima to remember that marriage is a commitment -- even on those days you wake up not liking your partner that much. He boasted that he's never had such a day with Lori. "That's sweet," she said later when told this.

The reason probably has everything to with Lori being the master gardener in their 10-year relationship, which includes a blended family of four kids, while David is The Flower.

His response to this analogy was unprintable. "When have you ever not known David to inject profanity? Even the girls can predict when the F-bomb is coming," said Lori.

Betrothed Boof

Boof's availability has gone poof. reported that Twins pitcher Boof Bonser is engaged to Jessica Clark and they are planning to get married Nov. 8 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The bride-elect is a graduate of East Connecticut State University and the daughter of Ernestine and Joseph (Jack) Clark III of Ledyard, Conn. Boof's parents are Eileen and Richard Bonser of Pinellas, Fla. Congrats.

Does Norm Blo & Go?

Sen. Norm Coleman doesn't blow out his hair.

Isn't everybody curious about how he gets his full mane to look that way? If you're not, read no further. And if you do, don't bother to e-mail about how I wasted your time.

According to Emily Heil and Anna Palmer of Roll Call, the senator is not a user of wife Laurie Coleman's new invention, the Blo & Go, a mounted suction device that holds a hair dryer so your hands don't have to.

"While [Laurie] says the invention is largely directed at females, she coyly admits her husband just may have used the Blo & Go a time or two. 'He doesn't really blow his hair out,' Coleman says of her supportive hubby. 'I do keep mine up. He may have turned it on to run his fingers through,'" reads Roll Call.

There you have it: Norm dresses his tresses by running his fingers through them.

The Washington Post's Robin Givhan also wrote about Laurie's $19.99 device (about which I may have another item on Sunday).

Givhan, who won a Pulitzer Prize for criticism, had fun -- I was afraid to -- with the name of the product and its most significant feature.

"It is hard to believe the name Blo & Go was not chosen to, at the very least, amuse. This, after all, is a world in which the term 'wide stance' churns up easy chuckles," wrote Givhan. To this, Givhan said Laurie registered shock and dismay. (Note from me to Laurie: Ever read any front page stories about Monica Lewinsky-President Bill Clinton antics? Talk about fairy tales.)

Laurie told the Post that the product's name came from a committee brainstorming session. Other funny quotes from Laurie: "I needed something of a great quality that was really going to stay up. The whole key to this is the suction."

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