We can officially chalk up 2016 as the year that Twin Cities dog owners named their fur babies and their real babies basically the same thing. Hey, at least we've stopped naming everyone after Instagram filters.

From Jack to Sophie, the top dog names nationwide were ranked in a survey by Rover.com, which bills itself as the nation's largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers.

What did we learn from the completely unscientific survey? In the Twin Cities, the top name in 2016 was "Charlie" for male dogs and "Lucy" for female dogs.

Max, Buddy, Cooper and Jack rounded out the top five male dog names, while Bella, Daisy, Sophie and Lola were top picks for the ladies.

By comparison, Jack was the sixth most popular baby name for boys born in Minnesota in 2015, while Sophia and Lucy ranked eighth and 15th for girls.

But that's not all. The survey discovered these fun facts about local dog names:

• In a year when Prince died and Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in Literature, names of famous hometown heroes were up 23 percent.

• Nature-themed dog names are up 4 percent year over year.

• Food-themed names are still a thing: Owners are naming their dogs after cereals, such as Chex, Grahams and Cheerios.

Nationally, it was a year for famous women names. There were big jumps in names inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt (up 42 percent) and Betty White (up 26 percent), according to Rover.

If these trendy human names don't do it for you, try Rover's new "Dog Name Generator." Just type in your name and the year you were born, and voilà — you've successfully named your pet after yourself. □