Hundreds of knockoff home theater systems valued at nearly $1.4 million were seized recently at the International Falls port of entry on the border with Canada.

The discovery in a rail container, announced Monday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, consisted of 480 home theater systems falsely labeled as European-based Cavelli Acoustics. This particular model, the CV-45, retails in the United States for roughly $2,900.

Based on Cavelli’s $2,893 retail price for the CV-45, federal authorities valued the seized goods at $1,388,640.

“Counterfeiting adversely affects lawful rights holders of their original ideas and the ability to make a profit from them,” Anthony Jackson, International Falls port director, said in a statement accompanying the announcement.

“Counterfeiting also harms consumers because manufacturers of forged products have little motivation to use safe, high-quality materials in their products.”

Border officials have yet to disclose where the fake sound systems were produced or where the shipment originated.

No arrests or prosecutions were announced.

This latest seizure is one of several recently at the International Falls port of entry. In November, more than 350 fake Eclataudio home theater systems were confiscated. Their value was placed at nearly $1 million.

Other counterfeit items discovered since last summer at the International Falls port include Barbie dolls and toy airplanes.