Apparently zombie control was pretty effective in LA, or everyone died. But if everyone died wouldn’t there be several million zombies? Unless they burned them all, but I’m pretty sure that EPA Clean-Air regs would prohibit that.

If the show proves anything, it’s this: sullen teen girls are just as insufferable after the collapse of civilization as before. Although I’m sure she’ll toughen up and be driving screwdrivers into zombie eye sockets soon, because that’s entertainment. You had to cheer Mom laying the smackdown on Drug Son, though; you had the sense she was channeling years of fury and despair. Anyway, let’s tote up the places where it is not safe to be after a zombie apocalypse:

1. The Nice Farm. Turns out there’s zombies in the barn, and a herd on the way. 2. The Seemingly Safe Town That Preserved Civilization, #1. Turns out the leader is crazy and everything is not as it seems at all. 3. Terminus, where all are welcome. Turns out they eat you. 4. The Seemingly Safe Town That Preserved Civilization, #2. Turns out they’re weak, and do not understand the need to live every day in a sweaty, paranoid crouch, ready to chop off heads with a big long sword. The Seemingly Safe Enclave Protected by Soldiers. Turns out they don’t care about anything except golf and rations.


One nice comment at AV Club: "Ruben Blades needs to get his own show. One with better writers."

GEEK Wargaming in the Twin Cities - in 1966. Pix from the Strib’s Sunday mag.

VotD Why. Why. Why.

Clean your palate with this, passed along by ace Strib Videographer Shari Gross. You know it’s going to have a punchline; it has to. You just don’t know which direction it’ll come from.

In related news: NO PRESSURE, MAN.