Vikings coach Brad Childress said during a radio interview on Sunday that he continues to wait for Brett Favre to make a decision on his future but as of right now it remains unclear what the quarterback will do. In other words, the holding pattern continues and might not end any time soon.

"I still don't, one way or the other," Childress said during an appearance on KSTP with Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan and co-host Brad Lane. "I don't know if he's even thought about it or contemplated it. I [talked] with him briefly last week and I'm sure  we'll narrow it down as we get a little bit further."

Childress also was asked about the decision to move wide receiver Darius Reynaud to running back. Reynaud played some running back in high school and college so the spot is not new to him.

"That's really where he was coming out [of high school]," Childress said. "I think it was him and the young man from the Bears [Matt Forte]. He and Darius Reynaud were a couple of the best running backs coming out of high school down in Louisiana. They were 1-2 in yardage.

"He's got the physical skills and abilities. It remains to be seen [whether he can] pick up the scheme, take a good look at the runs and be a good pass protector. But he sure has the physical skills and abilities to be able  to do it."