Brett Favre had gotten rid of the walking boot on his left foot Thursday as he made his way through the Vikings locker room and continued to seem optimistic that he might be able to do some work in prepartion for playing Sunday at New England.

"I wouldn't put anything past me to be honest with you," said Favre, who suffered a stress fracture in his left ankle and a fractured left heel on Sunday at Green Bay.

The 20-year veteran seemed in good spirits as he walked gingerly and sorted through his locker looking for a shoe. Favre was looking for a size-15 shoe for his left foot, something he would wear against the Patriots. That is exactly what Favre did in 2000 when he suffered a severly sprained left foot but played the next week and led the Packers to a 26-24 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Favre wears a size-14 shoe ordinarily.

As far as talking to coach Brad Childress in the past day to make a determination about playing, Favre said: "We haven't talked really. I've been getting treatment. I don't think that is an unusual thing with me [to not have discussed it yet.]"