Could Brett Favre's NFL record consecutive games streak be coming to an end?

The quarterback said Wednesday he would consider sitting out to give his sore passing arm a rest. Favre has been battling tendinitis in his elbow and admitted that the accuracy on some of his throws in Monday night's game loss to the Jets was impacted by the problem.

"You're not going to make every throw but I would have made some of those throws," said Favre, who was wearing a wrap on the elbow during his weekly news conference at Winter Park. "From that standpoint, I don't want to play just to play." 

Favre has started 289 consecutive games, 313 including playoffs. Favre has admitted he might have been best served two years ago when he was with the New York Jets if he had sat out instead of trying to play through a partially torn biceps tendon.

"I've been fortunate to not have arm issues in 20 years," said Favre, who added it was obvious after the Jets game that there was inflammation in the elbow. "I had the biceps a couple of years ago but as far as just nagging. Pitchers get it all the time, as a quarterback it's a lot like a receiver or a running back, you get nagging issues or your legs or whatever that poses a problem. I had tendinitis [in 2000] and I was out all of camp.

"Prior to that if you had told me tendinitis would keep me out I would have laughed at you because I always looked at it as, 'That's kind of a wimpy injury. It was painful. Very painful and for people who have had it lifting things is a problem. So throwing 50-yard bombs is even tougher. We've been treating it, it's been there for several weeks. It hasn't gotten any worse but it really hasn't gotten better."

There were times that Favre grabbed his arm in the second half after making throws. Favre said he doesn't know if the tendiniitis is going to "just necessarily go away," but admitted it could flare up and get worse. "The most important thing is rest," Favre said, "but I need the reps."

If he does decide to end the streak, the issue for Favre will be the plan for how to do it. Favre said it likely  would be up to him to dictate the end of the streak.

"It would probably seem maybe a little more logical that 20 years and having played through a lot of things that you would say, 'OK' ... " Favre said. "I don't know for sure in answering that question, but I would think they would, Brad [Childress] and Darrell [Bevell] and those guys, would trust in me that if I felt like one or two throws a game [you can't make that is one thing] but if I feel like there's more than that on a consistent basis where, 'Boy, he makes that throw,' I should be able to address that with them and I believe I would."

Practice update

Cornerback Chris Cook (knee) is participating in today's practice for the Vikings but it's not clear how much work he will do. Sitting out today are safety Jamarca Sanford, center John Sullivan (calf) and guard Chris DeGeare. Sanford and DeGeare have undisclosed injuries at this point but the injury report will be out later today. Newcomer Frank Walker, a cornerback, is wearing No. 41.