"I've always enjoyed the Swede Hollow hike in St. Paul. It has such an interesting history and is tucked away in the middle of the city. It's like walking down a back alley, except with trees and a stream."

-- Chris Olson, Walk on the Wild Side

"At Lebanon Hills, you can get in five miles easily on the kind of trails that are best for human feet -- dirt. I once, accidentally, took a wrong turn on a trail and led the club on what turned out to be a seven-mile hike on a very hot day. I'll never live that one down!"

-- Charlotte Svobodny, the St. Paul Hiking Club

"The Schaar's Bluff section of Spring Lake Park Reserve, near Hastings, is a beautiful setting and provides a smorgasbord of sensations for your soles. The trails loop through scenic woodlands high above the Mississippi River, offering panoramic views of the river below. The trails provide a wonderful variety of tactile sensations for bare soles -- green grass, patches of clover, packed earth, exposed rocks and roots, stretches of sand. And if you have never walked barefoot on a bed of soft pine needles, you are in for a real treat!"

-- Jim Guttmann, Barefoot Hikers of Minnesota