1. Tischer Creek (Duluth)

“Lots of folks don’t realize there are some great waterfalls right in the city.”


2. Split Rock River

“A great waterfall hike in a park most known for the lighthouse.” There are nine waterfalls in a little more than a mile of hiking.


3. Beaver River Falls (Near Beaver Bay)

“Awesome, five-star waterfalls easily seen if you park in the lot just south of the Hwy. 61 bridge and view from the walkway on the bridge.” An even better experience is walking down the river’s edge. Park in the lot at Lax Lake Road and Hwy. 61. Take the left fork.


4. The Cascades of the Manitou River (Crosby Manitou State Park, near Finland)

“A bit farther afield and requiring a bit of a hike.”


5. Caribou Falls (Near Schroeder)

“A place to stretch your legs on a trip up the shore and see a four-star falls.”


6. Partridge Falls on the Pigeon River (Near Grand Portage)

“One of our favorite waterfalls on an adventurous drive into the backcountry.” The trail hike can present challenges (rocky and steep in spots), but the payoff is worth it. It’s possible to stand on outcroppings within feet of the base.