A day doesn't seem to pass without yet another celebrity-"designed" fashion line being created. But Nicole Richie's first foray into fashion design with her relatively affordable jewelry line, House of Harlow for Kitson, is being greeted with a surprisingly positive response. The Los Angeles shop is, naturally, a favorite of many celebs, and House of Harlow's 1960s-meets-Egypt line will doubtlessly be sported by Richie's famous friends. The jewelry line, which will eventually become a full lifestyle brand, goes for $12 to $250 (with most items around $35) and is available online at www.shopkitson.com.

Sandbox fashion

Fashion and theater come together on equal terms in Sandbox Theater's production of "The Horse, the Bird, the Monkey & the Dancer."   The play, inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe story, draws together some of the Twin Cities' best fashion designers, including Anna Lee, Laura Fulk, Kerry Riley and costume director Andrew Schiff. One show-stopper is a huge flamenco dress by Riley, made in plain muslin and then hand-painted. Fulk created a number of similar dresses, while Lee created an elaborate headdress.