Tara LaPlante

31, financial assistant and artist

What are you wearing? A scarf and earrings from Cliché; a pleather jacket I've had for so long I don't recall where I got it; a shirt, belt, pants and boots all from an array of thrift stores.

What inspires your style? Bright and contrasting colors and fun clothing items. This "fun look" can occasionally border on ridiculous though, especially when dancing is on the agenda.

Item of clothing you get the most flak for: Gold lamé.

The perfect Friday night: A little art and a lot of dancing.

Jim Halloran

27, actor

What are you wearing? My favorite pair of Converse, vintage Levi's, an American Apparel T-shirt, my boyfriend's sweater and a Palestinian peace scarf I bought from a street vendor for $9.

What inspires your style? My friends.

Item of clothing you get the most flak for: My grandpa sweaters -- especially my Mr. Rogers cardigan.

The perfect Friday night: Summertime at the cabin -- grilling, pontoon rides and trashy magazines.

Bridgette Rongitsch

29, getting out the vote

What are you wearing? Earrings from Cliché, a J. Crew dress and Biala shoes.

What inspires your style? Local artists, designers and activists, my grandmas, trying to suppress my natural tendency to be a dirty hippie.

Item of clothing you get the most flak for: Mismatched SmartWool socks (especially when stuffed into cute patent leather shoes).

The perfect Friday night: A fancy dinner followed by art or live music.

Nathan Tylutki 

27, creative director; coordinator in store ops at Target

What are you wearing? Jordache Jeans, a Banana Republic shirt, a BCBG tie, a vintage Oscar de la Renta vest, Aldo boots.

What inspires your style? Unicorns, Fashion Week and Tom Ford.

Item of clothing you get the most flak for: My "condiment shoes": a pair of red, yellow and green shoes that are fierce, but many of my friends hate them.

The perfect Friday night: Happy hour, dinner with friends, and then more drinks and dancing. There must be dancing.