Melissa Constantine

27, soon-to-be grad student

What are you wearing? Vintage cape and shoes, and Lux jeans.

Describe your personal style: Usually French films with a little something else.

What trend are you sick of seeing? Cleavage.

Favorite Northeast spot? Grumpy's or the 331 Club.

Jenaveve Bell

25, dance teacher

What are you wearing? Triple Five jacket, J.C. Penney skirt and Bongo boots, with a Target bag and a Fender guitar-strap leash.

Describe your personal style: Ninety-five percent of my wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs.

What trend are you sick of seeing? It's funny to see people wearing things I'm used to seeing in dance class: gaucho pants, leg warmers and leggings. I keep expecting them to bust a move!

Favorite Northeast spot? Diamonds Coffee Shoppe.

Haley Beekman

16, student

What are you wearing? A shirt from Ragstock, shorts and flip-flops from Forever 21, a Target purse and sunglasses, and a belt from Hot Topic.

Describe your personal style: It changes from urban to rockabilly and indie. I tend to mix styles to make my own.

What trend are you sick of seeing? I'm tired of the short-shorts look and the Hollister brand look.

Favorite Northeast spot? Probably Diamonds Coffee.

Sara Stein

19, student

What are you wearing? A dress from Arc's Value Village and shoes from Urban Outfitters.

Describe your personal style: Things that amuse me and/or are fuzzy. Also rainbow colors.

What trend are you sick of seeing? Skulls on everything.

Favorite Northeast spot? I'm not very familiar with Northeast, so I'm not sure. Is the Mississippi there? If so, I'll pick that; I like to look "just around the river bend."