The Farmington school board has approved putting two questions on the November ballot asking residents for more money to maintain district buildings and avoid increasing class sizes.

“It’s a longer-term solution, which [board members] were looking for,” Superintendent Jay Haugen said.

The first question asks for $45 million in building bonds. The second is a levy request seeking to increase the district’s spending by $433 per student, or about $3 million a year.

If both questions pass, the combined tax impact for owners of a $225,000 home would be about $24 per month. Approving the levy request alone would cost those homeowners about $15 per month.

The 15-year bond would pay for roof repairs at several buildings, more kindergarten space, security updates and electrical and mechanical improvements. The 10-year levy would fund classroom expenses, including teachers.

The requests come after the district cut $1 million from the 2015-16 budget.

“We’re just at the point where there’s nothing else to do but continue to raise class sizes and eliminate programs,” Haugen said.

The board vote to put the questions on the ballot was unanimous, but Board Member Melissa Sauser wrote on her Facebook page that she voted “yes” only to allow residents the chance to vote on it.

“This is not a sustainable solution,” she wrote. “My yes vote was only to allow the community to be able to make the decision.”