Every February, a group of 10 whiskey die-hards head to a “luxury” cabin in central Minnesota to conduct a blind tasting — with some unexpected results.

Organized by Paul Charchian, host of a popular fantasy football radio program and podcast, “Whiskey Weekend” is “like March Madness for whiskeys,” Charchian told Forbes magazine, which detailed some of the hilarious intricacies of the annual event in an online article posted last week.

The big surprise of 2020? The winner was a private label from Total Wine that cost $20.

Every participant brings a bottle they hope will win over the rest of the crowd. One participant stopped at a Total Wine on his way to the cabin, where an employee urged him to buy the Wolcott Special Release bourbon. He bought it on impulse and “mostly forgot about it until about halfway through the weekend when it hadn’t yet been eliminated,” Charchian told Forbes.

Since then, Charchian, who often writes and tweets about the spirit, said Wolcott has become his “everyday” whiskey of choice.

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