In my perfect NFL world, a fan who spits on and/or hurls racial slurs at a player would face the consequences of the player having the legal right to deliver a good, stiff punch to the fan's over-served snout.

Yeah, it seems barbaric. But it sure would improve the behavior of those few fans who think the price of a ticket gives them the right to act anyway they want while ruining game day for everyone around them.

The findings of the NFL's investigation into an incident between a Bears' fan and Packers safety Nick Collins after Monday night's 20-17 Bears win will be released Friday. Collins faces a fine for throwing his mouthpiece at the fan after the fan allegedly spit on Collins and used a racial slur. Collins' reaction was caught on tape by WITI-TV Channel 6 in Green Bay.

The NFL has been investigating the incident since finding out about it Monday night. If the league determines the fan did those things, it should focus more on punishing the fan. If he's a season-ticket holder, boot him out and sell the ticket to someone else. The league also shouldn't fine Collins just so it can look good.

Collins is now saying he should have just walked away. But how many of us would have -- or should have -- if we were in Collins' shoes?

"This is a situation that I could have walked away from but, you know, heat of the moment," Collins told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Things happen. Both sides were out of line.

"It was just a situation I shouldn't have been part of. I should have just kept walking in the locker room."

Some other NFL thoughts ...

. Pittsburgh is the best overall team in the league. To do what the Steelers have done with Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch at QB is the most amazing thing that's going on in the league right now. Next up is Baltimore at home. Ravens QB Joe Flacco has never won in Pittsburgh.

. Is it time for Miami to scrap the wildcat now that it has Brandon Marshall? Marshall caught 10 passes for 166 yards against the Jets. Meanwhile, the Wildcat netted minus-18 yards in eight attempts. Five runs went for 2 yards. There was one incomplete pass and two penalties for 20 yards.

. The Patriots beat the Bills for what seems like the 876th consecutive time. But they also gave up 30 points. And Marshawn Lynch averaged 6.1 yards per carry. The Patriots' defense really misses DE Ty Warren. Also, remember when people thought those linebackers during the Pats' dynasty years were just average players filling a role? Well, we're finding out that those fellas were great players.

. How in the world does Indianapolis do it? How do they win with nobodies? An undrafted rookie starts at left tackle. Undrafted rookie receiver Blair White catches a touchdown pass? Oh yeah, they do it because of Peyton Manning, the best player in the league.

. The Chargers are making plans to put more starters on their kick coverage units. It's about time. They've given up two kick returns for touchdowns and a punt return for a touchdown in three games. Teams are averaging 25.5 yards per punt return against San Diego. The only team more disappointing than the Chargers right now is San Francisco. And, yeah, the Vikings rank high on that list, too.

. I wonder if Packer fans still think they don't need a running game after watching the team's offensive tackles struggle on Monday night. With no running game, it's kinda hard to pass protect, especially on the road.

. Ever wonder what happened to Dwayne Jarrett? The dude caught 41 touchdowns at USC. He has one in four years in the NFL. He was inactive on Sunday as the Panthers went with a couple of rookie receivers.

. Ya think Larry Fitzgerald misses Kurt Warner? The Cards are 2-1, but Derek Anderson is, well, Derek Anderson. He's as inaccurate passing the ball as Warner was accurate. Fitzgerald has been targeted 34 times and has 12 catches. And we all know Larry's one of the best when it comes to catching the football.