Since the conclusion of my 2010 tournament season, I have been able to just get out on numerous metro lakes and just GO FISHING!!

The ability to just sneak out on the water for an afternoon or just for the last few hours of day light after work has been so enjoyable.  With the warm weather we've had, the fall bite for big bass has been incredible!  The two key items, I've been able to get out of these fall outings has been learning numerous new bodies of water and secondly learning and practicing techniques that I've never had the opportunity to use.

The first technique that I was able to employ recently was flipping the remaining green (good) milfoil in several lakes.  It was a tedious task of working the entire section over by pitching my 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz. jig in to the open water pockets, but it paid off huge rewards!  Here is a bass that weighed in just over 5 lb's, that hit an RC Tackle RC Beaver that was Texas-rigged on a 4/0 TROKAR Flipping hook.  Every time I get out and use the TROKAR hook I am amazed at the strength and sharpness of the hook.

Throwing deep crankbaits has been another technique that hasn't been a main stay in my fishing arsenal, but after a few outings with success I now feel comfortable tossing a deep crank on my Wright & McGill S-Glass cranking rod.  This rod had an incredible bend in it, so when a big bass bites your crankbait you don't have to worry about that big girl from getting off.  Here is a pair of deep cranking bass that came off some off shore structure.

As we go through the off season, be sure to check out my Website for articles, videos and dates of sports shows I will be attending.  But until then, I urge you to get out on the water and take advantage of the great fall bass fishing that we have time to enjoy still!