Counterfeit bills have been popping up in two cities sitting 265 miles apart and separated by the full width of Minnesota.

Police in Grand Forks and Duluth reported that people are passing as real several bills with "Motion Picture Use Only" printed on them.

These bills "can be purchased online and are intended for use as prop money for theater play, film, photo shoot or music video production, etc.," Grand Forks Police Lt. Brett A. Johnson said Saturday.

Johnson said that law enforcement in the region has recovered several of the counterfeit $100 bills in recent weeks. "We would like to remind merchants to be vigilant when taking in cash and encourage them to closely examine all currency, especially $100 bills," Johnson said.

Police in Duluth said in a statement that these bills are often passed in settings that "divert a person's attention," such as a busy line at the grocery store or restaurant.

Grand Forks and Duluth police say they want to be contacted if any of these fake bills are spotted being used as legitimate currency.

Paul Walsh