This last spring, I saw a pack of artichoke plants for sale and impulsively purchased them.  I know we live in Minnesota, but I thought – heck, we had an early spring, I’ve got a hot spot and maybe just maybe, I could be eating artichokes in September.  Nope, never happened.  At least I didn’t eat artichokes from MY garden.

The artichoke plant looks nothing like what I wanted to see.  It looks tiny and small.  It was if I intentionally planted a thistle.  Sure, the foliage looked nice.  But only 2 feet high, not the 6-feet I read about in my book.  AND, the plant is too small for a back drop to my other flowers and certainly the color blends with my light blue siding.   No vegetable, no height, no interest – nothing but a waste of nitrogen, phosphorus and pot


Then let’s talk about my strawberries in the same garden.  It was the second year for them and I think the chipmunks got more enjoyment than I -- even though I covered them with netting.

The cannas, no blooms.  I planted 6 and only two emerged.

So this front garden, which was supposed to be a beautiful example of combining food, texture, and exotic interest, was a failure. 

But was it? 

Tell us what you've learned this year.  Your failures, your experiments and your successes.