If you recently heard a menacing growl in downtown Minneapolis, it might've been a member of the Minnesota Zoo's young professional group, Azul, claiming territory. The new organization held its first happy hour outside the zoo at Windows on Minnesota in the IDS Tower.

Ron Tilson, the zoo's recently retired director of conservation, gave a talk about tigers, which have become objects of "awe and fear and reverence," he said. "Since man walked into the forest, tigers have been killing them."

Tilson also talked about conservation. "Where you have tigers, there's biodiversity there and everything else is fine," he said. So it makes sense to give them what they want -- lots of space. His advice to listeners: "If you really want to make a significant impact, find a place on Earth to adopt."

While two owls kept wide-eyed watch on the proceedings, none of the zoo's three tigers made an appearance. And that's probably a good thing. "If a tiger sees you, you're dead," said Tilson.

Residents of the urban jungle: You've been warned.


Famous Dave has made a name for himself with his barbecue restaurants, now in 37 states. But thanks to the Food Network's "Best in Smoke," Dave Anderson is becoming known as a big personality with a passion for all things grilled.

To celebrate the show, he hosted a screening at his Edina home with some of the dishes from the show, including chocolate-covered bacon and a tangy blackberry sauce.

Despite the airtime, Anderson said he's not used to being recognized. "I always say the ribs are famous, not me," said Anderson.

Not anymore.

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