Big Oil squeezed: Shares of Exxon Mobil and Chevron, the two largest publicly traded energy companies, each fell 5 percent ­Friday after both companies reported major declines in profits largely due to the big drop in the price of oil over the past year. Exxon shares closed Friday at $79.21; Chevron closed at $88.48.

Bottled up: Coca-Cola Enterprises, an independent bottling company of Coca-Cola products, jumped 12 percent, to $51.08 Friday after the Wall Street Journal reported that Coca-Cola Enterprises is in merger talks with its European counterparts.

Buying generic: Teva Pharmaceuticals jumped 12 percent Monday, to $69.37 after it announced it would buy Allergan's generic drug division for $40.5 billion. Allergan's shares also rose 8 percent Monday, to $332.56, closing the week at $331.15. Teva shares closed at $69.02 on Friday.

No sale: Consumer products giant Procter & Gamble fell 3.5 percent, to $77.83 Thursday after the company reported softer than expected sales due in part to strong dollar. P&G shares kept retreating, closing Friday at $76.70.

Bad produce: Whole Foods plunged 11 percent, to $36.47 Thursday after reporting a sharp slowdown in sales growth last quarter, partly hurt by the recent news that some Whole Foods locations in New York City were overcharging customers. Whole Foods closed the week at $36.40.

Twitter sinks: Twitter dropped 14 percent, to $31.47 Wednesday after its otherwise strong quarterly earnings report showed its audience was growing more slowly than hoped. Shares closed the week at $31.01.