What’s black and white and red (well, read) all over?

That longtime riddle about newspapers, which brought laughter to schoolchildren for a century, has an updated version. This time the “news” comes in a can of beer — and not simply any kind, but one brewed especially for the 150th anniversary of the first issue of the Star Tribune, in collaboration with Fulton Brewing Co. in Minneapolis.

Details for beer geeks: The limited edition Extra! Extra! pale ale features two variations of Cascade hops and locally malted barley. The aromatic, easy-to-drink beer (with 5.52 percent alcohol) offers citrus and tropical fruit notes. Get in line to add this to your beer can collection.

First tasting for the public is at Fulton Taproom (414 6th Av. N., Mpls.) on Thursday, starting at 5 p.m. On Friday, the beer will be available in liquor stores throughout Minnesota, while supplies last.

So lift a pint in honor of newspapers. (And read one while you’re at it!) Be assured that the ink on this beer can won’t rub off on your fingers.

Lee Svitak Dean