Power your TV for 3 hours with this battery

Running out of battery power on a phone or other gadgets is a great fear these days, which is why people tend to flock to outlets at airports. Many of us are now looking at external batteries as well.

Most of us think about these as something to throw in a bag to charge the phone, but as batteries get smaller and more powerful, some battery options are getting larger with more built-in power inverters.

The Adventure Ultra from MyCharge is a 13,400-milliamp hour battery about the size of a paperback book. It has a plethora of output jacks, starting with a 3.0-amp USB-C port, two 2.4-amp USB-A ports and one AC port that can provide 45 watts of power to your small appliances and electronics.

The Adventure Ultra has enough juice to power a 32-inch LCD television for about three hours. It will also power a small fan for up to eight hours. You can charge the average smartphone eight times. It will hold its charge for as long as one year and internal circuitry will shut things down if you plug in a device that wants to pull more than 45 watts.

You are not going to put this one in your back pocket or purse, but it will fit in your computer bag or emergency kit.


Power for a weekend with this battery

The Ecoflow River Mobile Power Station is expensive, but at about the size of a six pack of beer, it holds an absurdly large 116,000 mAh battery and can output 500 watts of power. It stays charged for a year.

There are 11 output ports — four USB-A, two USB-C ports, two 12-volt DC outlets, two AC outlets and a 12-volt car port. It can charge 11 devices at a time.

The 9.8-by-6.3-by-8.2-inch River weighs 11 pounds, but its integrated handle makes it quite easy to carry around. The case is water resistant. It gets charged by an included wall charger, car charger or an optional solar panel.

The wall charger can fully charge the River in about six hours; from your car it will take nine hours to fill up. Ecoflow also sells a solar panel ($299) that can charge the River in 10 to 15 hours of direct sunlight. The River would be a perfect companion for a camping trip or a beach weekend.