To the list of all the home improvements people have generated in the past few months, add an easy setup of extending the range of some of your home Wi-Fi smart products. It’s an easy do-it-yourself project with the new Caseta Wireless Repeater and Motion Sensor, which can be added to Lutron’s Caseta smart lighting control system.

Lutron makes automated light and shade controls for homes and businesses. Its control system connects with smart home devices like Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

It’s become common to put the main controls for Wi-Fi and smart home devices in a central location, so their signals can reach throughout the space. But sometimes that’s not enough. Placing a Caseta Repeater ($75) in your dead zones will extend your system range by 60 feet. The Repeater just plugs into any home outlet, then add it to your system through the Caseta App.

Two other Lutron add-ons to consider: The Caseta Smart Motion Sensor ($50) is perfect for a room needing hands-free control — a hallway or garage, for example. It can control Caseta lights, fan controls or anything within 60 feet. And Lutron’s wireless fan speed control ($60) turns an existing ceiling fan into a wireless smart device with speed controls, programmable schedules, etc. (