Twin Cities musician Daniel P. Jorgensen, a former touring member of Owl City, has been indicted by an Atlantic County, N.J., grand jury on criminal sexual contact and attempting to lure or entice a child.

The incident allegedly happened when the band performed in Atlantic City in August 2013.

Best known for the No. 1 song “Fireflies” in 2009, Owl City is the one-man recording band of Adam Young of Owatonna, Minn.; he hires other musicians to perform in concert with him.

Jorgensen, now 30, played guitar, bass and vibraphone with the band on tour.

According to the indictment filed Tuesday, Jorgensen allegedly had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl and attempted to lure her to his hotel room.

Owl City’s publicist said Wednesday that the band had no comment.

However, the group’s manager, Steve Bursky, issued a statement on Dec. 9, 2013: “As of this weekend, we have terminated Daniel Jorgensen’s employment and all involvement as a touring member of Owl City. Please understand that this business decision does not implicate Daniel in the judicial system, but was both necessary and appropriate given the allegations that have surfaced over the last handful of days.”

Owl City released its fifth studio album, “Mobile Orchestra,” on July 15 on the Republic label. The band will start a tour Oct. 5 that includes a Minneapolis concert on Oct. 17 at the Varsity Theater.

Jon Bream