A coach for the Blaine High School ninth-grade girls' basketball team who was found "involved in sexual activity" with one of her players in a parked car will serve up to four months in jail, followed by 15 years of probation.

Jenessa White, 20, was sentenced in Anoka County Court Friday after the girl's mother read an impact statement. The presumptive sentence according to state guidelines is probation.

White will also have to complete sex offender treatment, have no contact with the victim and won't be allowed to coach children under age 21. She will report to jail Sept. 7.

In her statement, the girl's mother talked about the effect the incident had on the girl, but also expressed some understanding and compassion because White had a bright future and was liked by the kids, said Paul Young, assistant county attorney. Before sentencing, Young talked about White's enormous violation of trust with the coaches and kids.

White was charged in March with second- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Police said that she and the 14-year-old girl told officers at the time of White's arrest that they were in a sexual relationship.

The Anoka-Hennepin School District said that White's duties as a co-coach for the ninth-grade team ran from last November until the season ended in March. She also helped with the girls' junior varsity and varsity teams in support roles. It was her first year working for the district, and she cleared the usual background checks for prospective employees, the district said.

White no longer has a contract with the district, a spokeswoman said Friday.