It should come as no surprise that Minnesota's favorite emoji is the winking face. After all, the winking face emoji is the king of ambiguity, and Minnesota is known to be the land of passive-aggressive.

In search of the most beloved emojis by each state, e-commerce site Decluttr studied Google search data for every emoji and created a United States of emojis map (

While the ever mysterious winking emoji isn't as passive-aggressive as the upside down smiley, the peace sign or the scratching chin guy, it can be a confusing emoji to receive. The ambiguous nature of the wink could help explain its rise to the top in Minnesota.

The map doesn't show each state's most used emoji, just the one people searched most on Google. When Minnesotans google "winking face emoji," what do they learn?

According to, the classic wink emoji is used to imply humor in written form, or may alternatively be used suggestively as a form of flirtation. Also known as "wink, wink face" and "winky face," it can be friendly, conspiratorial or sinister.

Confusing, for sure. But it could be worse. A few states are most into eggplants, while our neighbors North Dakota and Wisconsin are all about the poo emoji.

Aimee Blanchette