ESPN analyst Bill Polian, the newly elected Pro Football Hall of Famer and former NFL general manager, conducted a conference call with reporters. I asked Polian the following question:

"In a trade scenario, what would you consider Adrian Peterson's value in terms of draft picks, and would you trade for him on draft night if you hadn't talked to him or had him take a physical beforehand?"

Polian laughed because apparently he has spent a lot of time barking about this situation and the actions of Peterson's agent, Ben Dogra, who hasn't exactly been Mr. Subtle in expressing how much better off Peterson would be somewhere other than Minnesota, which, by the way, has him under contract for three more years, including a $12.75 million agreement for this season.

"He has a valid contract, a multiyear contract with the Minnesota Vikings. And if the Minnesota Vikings decide that they want him to play football for them, he will play football for them or play football for no one. So I think that is a fact. It's very clear-cut. It's black and white, despite any protestations to the contrary."

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