Epoch Lacrosse has released the seventh generation of its signature lacrosse shaft. All design, research & development, and production of the new Dragonfly 7 shaft was done in the company’s 10,000 square foot research, development and production facility in Roseville.

Previous versions of the company’s Dragonfly shafts were produced in China. The new production facility allows the company greater control over fit, finish and quality and has greatly reduced the amount of time the company can get new products to market by eliminating overseas shipping.

“Our engineers, lacrosse players themselves, have taken full advantage of our new state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility to design, develop and manufacture what we feel is the most technologically advanced lacrosse shaft ever,” said James Miceli, principal of Epoch Lacrosse in a statement.

Epoch Lacrosse releases seventh generation of its signature lacrosse shaft, now design, tested and made in their own research and development facility.

Epoch Lacrosse released the seventh generation of its signature lacrosse shaft which was designed, tested and made in their Roseville R&D facility.

Last fall the company moved into blank industrial space in Roseville and in less than a year has furbished their research and development facility with custom-made design, testing and production equipment

The new design and production home has allowed Epoch’s engineers to experiment with materials and refine its production processes. The focal point of the Dragonfly 7 shaft is a woven carbon fiber setup that Epoch’s composite product engineer Jason Daniels calls Intelligent Weave. In a statement he said the new weave reduces weight and “provides optimal mechanical performance and minimal voids in layup.” 

photos courtesy of Epoch Lacrosse

photos courtesy of Epoch Lacrosse

 A new company, C6 Composites LLC, was created to handle the company’s design, development and manufacturing. Production of the Dragonfly 7 shaft meant the addition of six new employees to meet production goals for the new product.

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