Epoch Lacrosse has officially moved into its new 10,000 square foot facility in Roseville that increases the lacrosse equipment company's research and development and design capability.

When we wrote about Epoch in September the company's principal James Micili had just gotten keys to the new space which capped a year of steady growth for the startup company that saw its revenues jump, release a new generation lacrosse shaft, and make customer friendly price and warranty adjustments to its mesh and head.

 Epoch was an industry leader with the introduction of its carbon-fiber lacrosse shaft. Now the company has another technological edge over competitors with the ability to shave weeks off the time it takes to move from product concept to working prototype.

Brian Hochman the  Lead Designer at Epoch Lacrosse said in the company's release “Our new R&D facility is a huge step forward in the growth of Epoch and overall for the evolution of lacrosse equipment. Designers will now have the opportunity to take a concept to a prototype in just under an hour and make changes that in the past would have taken us weeks."

The new space will be critical to the future success of Epoch as it moves towards a long-term goal of becoming a complete equipment supplier to the sport.

Epoch engineers will have equipment and machinery exclusive to them. The staff can experiment with the latest composite materials, make rapid prototypes and analyze their design changes in real-time. They'll have the latest in computer aided design software and new product testing space.

The new 10,000 square foot space also accommodates Epoch's growing sales and marketing team and has room for in-house photo and video production.

Epoch's promo video

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