Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza is pulling an Obama and announcing his running mate pick on Twitter.

Obama announced his vice presidential pick via text message to supporters in 2008, promising those who signed up would be "first to know."

Entenza is using the 140-character messaging service to announce his pick, he announced Tuesday.

"This campaign has been reaching out to voters in social media since the beginning," Entenza campaign manager David Colling said in a news release. "Social media today are some of the best venues for getting news out quickly to a wide audience."

Interestingly, the LG-on-Twitter announcement came via emailed press release -- it hasn't been tweeted on @entenza4gov...yet. (Update: @entenza4gov has tweeted the announcement.)

Anyone filing for governor has to have a lieutenant governor candidate in order to file his or her candidacy with the secretary of state. Filings opened today and close on June 1.