DFLer Matt Entenza, who is challenging DFL auditor Rebecca Otto in next week's primary, is investing his own cash in his campaign.

According to public records, he has already spent $622,000 of his own money in the last two months, with $367,000 coming in the last week alone. He may spend more.

"In the last eight days you may see some additional funds coming into the campaign if it it's needed," said Dave Colling, Entenza's campaign manager.


Entenza, a former House minority leader, awakened the ire of many partisan DFL activists by launching a late campaign for the office Otto has occupied for two terms. The battle between Otto, who served as a DFL House member when Entenza was leader, and Entenza has not been a pretty one.


Entenza has accused Otto of voting for legislation in the House that was against progressive values and Otto has accused Entenza of "clearly" not understanding the auditor's job.


Colling said much of Entenza's cash has paid for an aggressive direct mail campaign and television advertisements. Entenza has run several broadcast television ads, which have used considerable video from his 2010 primary campaign for governor.

Photos: Matt Entenza and Rebecca Otto