On Sunday, the good people of Twitter took a break from recycling some form of "the world is terrible, but here's a cute dog/funny video" post to collectively share their outrage at a baseball fan.

It happened late in the Gophers' Big Ten tournament loss to Ohio State. The fan in question — wearing an Iowa T-shirt, by the way — swooped in and grabbed a foul ball in the stands right before a kid in an Ohio State T-shirt could get it.

Twitter was collectively booing almost the instant the video was posted — just as the Big Ten Network broadcasters predicted.

Unpopular opinions here: The world is not terrible, and a grown man grabbing a foul ball isn't, either. Maybe it's the first time he's gotten a ball in his long life. Maybe he has a child or grandchild he plans to give it to.

The kid, by the way, got a ball signed by every Ohio State player as a make-nice gesture. Win-win.

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