Pam Mondale did not obfuscate when asked Thursday if she was still married to Ted Mondale, son of the former vice president.

"Legally," she said.

But you're getting a divorce? "Yeah," she said, while looking terrific and adding a playful "I'm all about peace."

There you have it. And with no effort to becloud the situation as did her husband, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission chairman, during a recent chance meeting near Block E. Not having seen Pam in years and getting only a glimpse of the woman accompanying Ted (as you can see at, I thought she might have been Ted's wife.

Recently showing that video, the star of which was Kim Kardashian, to a group of people, one of them wryly remarked: "That's not Pam. Pam's a blonde."

On Monday I got another tip about a guy thought to have been Ted with a woman at the bar of a suburban restaurant. Others didn't seem to recognize this man, who seemed to do more looking forward than talking to the woman seated at his side.

My interest in confirming the status of the Mondale marriage was renewed, especially in light of my recent verbal exchange with him on a public street. I told him I'd been hearing rumors around his marriage, that he was getting a divorce.

"C.J., you're causing trouble," said Ted. "You're causing trouble."

But why wouldn't your marriage survive, I mused to Ted. He said nothing and was naturally relieved that the traffic light had changed, so he and his companion could walk away without looking as though they were running.

On Friday, I reached Ted again, this time on the phone. Instead of accusing me of causing trouble (and the widespread gossip is that he's the one who caused trouble in his marriage), he started making egh-egh-egh noises, the kind you might associate with a child dodging a question while sticking a finger in each ear.

So you're going to make noises like a child? I asked. I then requested that he let me finish my question before he made a comment. He did and even allowed as how "We all have our job we're going to do."

All previous obfuscating to the contrary, I asked Ted if he wasn't actually getting a divorce.

"I don't want to talk about it," he said.

With a thank you I concluded the phone call.

Making peace with fashion

Dumb luck is the only reason I was in Pam Mondale's orbit Thursday.

I was looking for major model Oraine Barrett, in town for Macy's Glamorama.'s Richard Moody told me he was taking "Oraine, the hottest super male model and face of Polo," to a fundraiser at Guild, a curated design collective in St. Louis Park. Guild, whose partners include Pam Mondale, hosted a "Peace Begins With Me" fundraiser, a facet of her Peace Pavilion at the State Fair, which sells peace-themed merchandise.

Fashion designer Christopher Straub was there, as was Twin Cities style icon and Guild partner Gwen Leeds, who is working the hula hoop on my video.

Special K-kids off to the lake?

Word has it that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are looking for property in Minnesota around Lake Minnetonka.

Kardashian apparently likes how she has NOT been hassled, yet, while shopping at Lunds out that way.

She already has more money to burn than he does and they will likely have even more after E! airs "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event" over two nights in October.

An extraordinarily extravagant wedding that will probably make them money, as oppose to costing them.

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