The dreaded metallic green emerald ash borer (EAB) has made its way to Edina, threatening the west metro suburb’s 50,000 ash trees, the city and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture said.

Officials on Friday confirmed that an ash tree on private property in the northwest part of the city had been attacked by larvae, which tunnel and feed on the tree’s inner bark and disrupt its ability to transport water and nutrients. Eventually, the tree dies.

This is the first time the borer has been found in Edina, but it was not unexpected. The discovery comes after the borer had killed trees in neighboring cities, including Minneapolis, Richfield, Bloomington and Eden Prairie.

Chemical treatments are available to help protect healthy ash trees or those that have minor infestations. Application must be done every two to three years, the city said.

“We are at the point where our infestation is new enough that we still have options,” said city forester Luther Overhold. “All the trees are still treatable. If treated, they have to be treated for the lifetime of the tree.”

Since most of Edina’s ash trees are on private property, the city is recommending that residents contact an arborist to evaluate their options.