Consider it Birth of a Black Bear, the sequel. Or, Den Watch 2012. Thousands of viewers from all over the world are expected to tune in during the coming days as a webcam shows the live action of a second black bear in Ely giving birth.

Two years ago, more than 25,000 people watched the North American Bear Center's webcam as black bear Lily gave birth -- becoming a worldwide Internet sensation. She gave birth again last year. But now, it's her sister's turn in the spotlight.

The northern Minnesota center is streaming live video of Jewel, Lily's younger sister, who is about to give birth "any day" now, researchers said. It's part of the most comprehensive research ever conducted on black bears, led by Lynn Rogers, a senior biologist with the Wildlife Research Institute.

A Den-Watch Team of nearly 100 people around the world will be watching the webcams to record data 24/7. To watch, go to or www.wild

Those not interested in tuning into the birthing process can still get a live look at the center's bears. Two other webcams are set up this winter in bear dens -- one watching Lily and her yearling cub, Faith, and another on the center's captive bears, Ted, Lucky and Honey.