I picked up the Elmo in Grouchland  DVD recently at Target .  Vivi loves Elmo and  heck,  it was on one of their $5 DVD endcaps. No major investment for a not very Oscar-worthy (pun intended) movie.

So, I popped in the DVD and who is pictured in a huge poster on Elmo's bedroom wall but Tiger Woods.

The image of him  took me aback for a second.

But, the year the movie came out was 1999 and Tiger Woods was the most wholesome, squeaky clean role model for Elmo at the time.

Heck, he would have seemingly been a perfectly appropriate and worthy hero for the fuzzy little red Muppet up until Thanksgiving 2009 right? 

Now there is tarnish on that squeaky clean image to say the least.

Wonder if the prop folks would choose that poster again today in 2010? .

Hmmmm doubtful, even after his public apology this morning.

Then it made me wonder, who do you think the prop folks  would choose as a hero or sports idol if they were to decorate Elmo's walls today?