U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend said Monday that she will not release a video she said shows him dragging her off a bed while screaming at her, Minnesota Public Radio News reported.

Ellison, a candidate for state attorney general in Tuesday’s DFL primary, denied the accusations that came out late Saturday and said the video does not exist. He confirmed he was in a relationship with Karen Monahan, which ended in 2016, and said he still cares for her well-being. But he said the allegation, initially posted by Monahan’s son on Facebook, is not true.

Monahan’s son wrote Saturday that he had seen a video on his mother’s computer showing Ellison dragging her. She later said his post was true and she had suffered “narcissist abuse,” including lying and manipulation, while in the relationship with Ellison.

Monahan provided an extensive statement on Sunday to the Star Tribune and other media outlets describing their relationship, but she did not respond Monday to further requests for comment.

“What do survivors have to do to finally be heard and believed? Should we all have body cameras on at all times, so we are prepared?” Monahan posted on Twitter.

She told MPR News that she would not be posting the video for many reasons, including that it’s traumatizing, humiliating and sets an expectation that abuse survivors must prove their stories.

Monahan also told MPR she met with Ellison before he filed to run for attorney general and during their conversation he asked to see the alleged video, but she did not show it to him.

After their relationship ended in 2016, Ellison met with Monahan numerous times at her request, including the night before he announced he was running for attorney general, Ryan Doyle, Ellison’s campaign manager, said in an e-mailed comment. She asked for that meeting with Ellison to get advice and help for a mutual friend, he said.

“In that meeting, Ms. Monahan repeated her false assertion that a video exists,” Doyle said.

Pam Costain, who said she is “dear friends” with Monahan and Ellison, said she knew Ellison before, during and after their relationship. “I do not believe the allegations made by Karen about Keith are an accurate reflection of their relationship or its ending,” she said in a Facebook post. “I am distressed that these allegations are being made at this time.”

Costain, a former Minneapolis school board member, said she is standing by Ellison and Monahan during this difficult time. “This is truly a heartbreaking situation,” she wrote.