A veteran Falcon Heights teacher dealing with ovarian cancer has a new, high-profile supporter.

Kelly Klein, who has taught at Falcon Heights Elementary for more than 30 years, appears on Tuesday's edition of "Ellen" to talk about how she's continuing to work despite being told that she probably only has 10 to 15 years left to live.

She is currently teaching a virtual kindergarten class while undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

"What better way to spend four or five hours a day than with 5-year-olds?" she tells host Ellen DeGeneres. "I forget that I have cancer when I see their smiling faces."

At the end of the eight-minute segment, DeGeneres surprises her guest with a video tribute from current and former students. She also shares that Shutterfly is donating $10,000 for her family to take a dream vacation and an additional $10,000 to pay off medical bills.

"I'm speechless," Klein says. "And that never happens."

"Ellen" airs locally at 4 p.m. weekdays on WCCO, Ch. 4, but you can catch a sneak peek at ellentube.com.