Eight years of manure

Farmer Dan Nosbush has resisted orders by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to remove stored manure from his non-operating hog farm near Paynesville, Minn.

2002 Stearns County inspectors spot liquid manure flowing from the hog operation to a field drain leading to a ditch and river.

2003 MPCA begins enforcement with a $2,700 fine and a demand for cleanup, but problems persist.

2004 The state attorney general files enforcement lawsuit against Nosbush in Ramsey County District Court.

2005 Nosbush signs agreement with MPCA to clean up manure and reduce risk of pollution.

2006 Dissatisfied with Nosbush's progress, a judge sets deadlines for him to remedy problems.

2007 MPCA says pollution threat remains, with manure rising above a barn floor. Judge orders animals removed.

2008 Judge finds Nosbush in contempt of court for lack of progress on pollution remedies.

2009 Manure still not fully cleaned up. Nosbush arrested and held two nights for missing court hearing.

2010 Nosbush removes some, but not all, manure by a July 1 deadline. A judge orders him to spend weekends in jail until the job is done.

Sources: Court and MPCA records