Traffic violation. A deputy pulled over a truck after observing it pass a turning vehicle on the shoulder in the area of Manning Avenue and Valley Creek Road. When it was explained to the driver why he was stopped he told the deputy he has been passing on the shoulder for 20 years. He was given a citation.


MAY 13

Suspicious activity. A male coming and going from a vehicle parked at the end of the road was reported in the 10000 block of 66th Street. The male explained to a deputy he was running in the area. He was advised to find some place else to park and run.

MAY 14

Suspicious male. A man in a ski mask wearing an Army jacket was reported in the 11000 block of Irish Avenue. A photo taken of the man revealed him to be walking his dog with his turtleneck pulled up to his mouth.



Missing license plate. The driver of a vehicle pulled over near Stillwater Boulevard and Klondike Avenue because it had no front license plate told a deputy it never had a front license plate. When informed the vehicle's registration had expired, the driver said his wife took care of that. He was cited for expired registration and given a written warning for the missing license plate.



Suspicious activity. An unoccupied tent was found on public land in the area of Briarwood Avenue and Quail Street. A sleeping bag, pillow and used condoms were found inside.



Found property. A bag filled with equipment and labeled "Woodbury Hockey" was found next to a hockey stick in the 4000 block of Gershwin Avenue.

MAY 12

Check welfare. A man standing for 30 minutes on a bridge holding a baseball was reported in the 7100 block of 40th Street. The man told an officer he was just looking at cars and not thinking of jumping.


MAY 10

Animal concern. A resident in the 15000 block of Old Marine Trail reported nine of their neighbor's bison on their property. An hour later the neighbor was still trying to get the animals off the property. The complainant said two trees had been damaged.


MAY 12

Suspicious vehicle. A Public Works truck was reported unlocked and unoccupied with its lights on in the 11000 block of Myeron Road. A deputy turned off the lights.


MAY 12

Animal concern. A woman driving on Bielenberg Drive north of Dairy Queen reported a turkey flying into her windshield and cracking it. She said she looked in her rearview mirror but didn't see the bird in the road.

Suspicious activity. Two women were reported dumpster diving for used cosmetics behind the Ulta Beauty store, 8290 Tamarack Village. The complainant told police the women have attempted to return used merchandise to the store in the past. The women left when they encountered the complainant.

MAY 13

Suspicious activity. A man walked into a home in the 6000 block of Ridge Drive and told the current owner he used to live there. The owner said the man backed out of the house after noting she was making changes to it.

MAY 15

Suspicious situation. A vehicle driving on the fairway of Eagle Valley Golf Course, 2600 Double Eagle Lane turned out to be a deputy on the cart path looking for four juveniles he had come upon who were about to fight.

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Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.