I am of the first generation to see a photo of the earth from space. In that view is one, single, earth. It is a view of the connectedness, and that new view of the world helped launch a new worldview. It’s a worldview our sacred Scriptures had already offered us over the centuries, a view of the unity of creation. It's always been a part of who we are and yet for the first time some of us got to see that oneness, we got to see the actual view of the world that ought to push us to a new worldview. It is a worldview that says, “no matter what you do it has a relationship to everybody else and every other thing on this planet. There cannot be a breeze in Alaska that's not felt in the Bahamas. There cannot be a ripping up the earth in Peru that's not felt in New England. There cannot be a war in Eastern Europe that isn’t experienced by all of us in some way around the world.”

I pray that in seeing the view of the world we embrace a worldview that requires us to take seriously how every action, every public policy has an environmental impact not just for our small space on the planet but the whole planet, not just this small moment on the planet but for the entire future of the entire planet. We must recognize that we are merely tenants on this planet, and we have been called to care for Creation so that future generations can live, thrive, and enjoy it just as we do. God has granted us use of Creation, but along with this gift comes the responsibility to tend and care for the land. 

Earlier this year a letter was sent to President Obama form the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Council of Churches of Christ, and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs among other national religious leaders.

Dear Mr. President:

We write to you as leaders representing an alliance of diverse religious traditions…The broader religious community shares a deep conviction that the issue of global climate change presents an unprecedented threat to the integrity of life on Earth and a challenge to values that bind us as human beings.

Then they said to the President, as I say to our elected officials here in MN, “as you make key decisions … we urge you to be guided by a moral framework that includes … being responsible stewards of God’s creation.” Here in MN support a Minnesota Clean Energy Plan. Protect our lakes, our rivers, our streams our drinking water, and not just for us but for our children unto the 7th generation.

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