There are a lot of ways to interpret the various sets of “way-too-early” World Series odds for 2020 that popped up almost as fast as Gerrit Cole declared his free agency after Game 7 Wednesday.

But I think it’s revealing to see the Twins so relatively low in both online odds and Westgate odds.

In the former, per Sports Betting Dime, the Twins sit at just 35 to 1 to win the World Series — 13th among all teams, a whole bunch of whom finished worse than the Twins last season since, you know, they had the fourth-most wins in the majors. Cleveland (27 to 1) is among the teams given a better chance.

Meanwhile, Westgate has the Twins at 20 to 1, but bundled with six other teams at that spot while eight others are above them. Again, Cleveland shows up ahead of the Twins (16 to 1).

Does any of this really matter in early November? Of course not. But it certainly seems like oddsmakers are skeptical that the Twins can maintain their 2019 level of success — and/or that even if they get back to the postseason they can do anything once they get there.

It will be interesting to see what the Twins are able to accomplish this offseason, particularly when it comes to acquiring top-end starting pitching — and how the odds adjust accordingly before the season starts.

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