Valet circa 2004.

Yet another reason to be excited about next weekend’s ever-expanding Art-a-Whirl festivities: One of the Twin Cities’ best indie-rock bands of the early-’00s, Valet, has more new songs to play at its now-regular performance for the Anchor Fish & Chips' A-a-W party. One of those songs even debuted online Wednesday, a taut, jaggedy snarler titled “Start It Somewhere,” which is posted below along with some (contradictorily  sweet) video footage of frontman Robin Kyle’s kids.

Offering a nice little taste of the Ireland native’s poetic sociopolitical lyricism, the new tune is the first issued off a six-song EP that will arrive in July via the Guilt Ridden Pop label -- the first Valet release since 2004. The band went on hiatus for the latter half of the ‘00s but staged a Turf Club reunion show just before Christmas 2011.

Since that first show, Valet continues to perform sporadically, and in particular it has a standing gig at the all-in-the-family Anchor Fish & Chips party. The northeast Minneapolis eatery, at 302 13th Av. NE., is owned by Robin’s brother Luke Kyle, and the lineup includes Robi's wife, Jayanthi Kyle, and her fiery new band Gospel Machine, plus another damn brother, Ben Kyle, and his beloved Americana group Romantica. Here’s the schedule for their free bash:


  • 2p.m. John Swardson & Bad Blood / 3 p.m. Tin Horns / 4 p.m. Gabe Barnett & them Rounders / 5 p.m. Valet / 6 p.m. Gospel Machine / 7 p.m. Southside Desire


  • 2 p.m. Total Gaze / 3 p.m. Tea and Sympathy / 4 p.m. Gramofone / 5 p.m. The Stress of Her Regard / 6 p.m. Romantica