Second-year quarterback Carson Wentz delivered the kind of performance Monday night against Washington that can change perceptions quickly. If you were skeptical of Wentz going in, you had to think twice. If you already liked what you saw from the Eagles quarterback, you might now think he's on his way to stardom — or already there.

Wentz was that good in throwing four touchdown passes, averaging 10.7 yards per pass attempt and running for 63 yards in a 34-24 Philadelphia victory. The Eagles are alone atop the NFL with the best record at 6-1.

Wentz is playing like he's the best quarterback — or at least the best healthy one — in the league. Tom Brady and Alex Smith have some better raw numbers, but Brady doesn't add a running dimension and Smith has a better supporting cast. Aaron Rodgers is probably better than all of them, but he's out with a broken collarbone.

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