If you watch just one created-in-a-pandemic, performed-on-the-internet murder mystery featuring actors from Minnesota, which will it be?

Turns out “Riddle Puzzle Plot,” the Jeffrey Hatcher serial that St. Paul's Park Square Theatre debuted last weekend, is not the only game in town. “Murder Mystery Musical,” which starts Aug. 5, seems to be a similar affair: A group of bickering people assembles via teleconference; someone dies and a solution eventually emerges.

The difference is that “MMM” episodes are about eight minutes (“RPP’s” are close to an hour) and it’s a musical. Among the singers is Eagan’s Laura Osnes, who catapulted from Children’s Theatre Company to a pair of Tony Award nominations.

The cast also features Jackie Burns, who played the lead in “If/Then” when it stopped at the Orpheum, and Alex Newell, from TV’s “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.” The website indicates the show is set in “Duluth” — presumably Duluth, Minn., though we won’t know for sure until episodes ($9.99) begin streaming on Vimeo next week.