If you would like a long look behind the curtain at the dozen-year history in Green Bay shared by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former head coach Mike McCarthy, then hoo boy does Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report deliver.

Dunne, who formerly covered the Packers for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, conducted scores of on- and off-the-record interviews in trying to get to the heart of two questions: When and why did the relationship between the QB and head coach break down? And who bears the most responsibility for the Packers — despite making the playoffs eight years in a row — only reaching (and winning) one Super Bowl while the two men worked together?

Writes Dunne: "One former teammate, lamenting this colossal what-if, makes one point on the past crystal clear. 'If you were going to write a headline,' he says, 'that would be it right there: How Egos Took Down the Packers.' "

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