The suspect whose SUV fatally struck a 5-year-old boy in St. Joseph, Minn., was located later that day and is cooperating with investigators, authorities said Tuesday.

Cody Nuckolls was hit about 2:30 p.m. Monday on a road outside the family’s mobile home in the 300 block of 1st Avenue NW. after his mother crossed the street to wait for another one of her children to get off a school bus, police said.

Police have yet to reveal the driver’s identity, only saying that he lives in the area. He has not been arrested or charged.

According to police:

The bus arrived and came to a stop, blocking the mother’s view of Cody at the time he was hit.

The mother, Lorraine E. Hipp, heard Cody yell out. She crossed back toward Cody and saw him fall to the pavement.

Having not seen any moving vehicles, Hipp at first suspected that Cody had suffered “an unknown medical issue.”

Cody was taken by both his parents to CentraCare Health Plaza in St. Cloud. From there, an ambulance took him to St. Cloud Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators reviewed the bus’ video and interviewed children on the bus, leading them to suspect that the vehicle was a black Chevy TrailBlazer that hit Cody on the private road in front of the family’s home.

Police found the man and his vehicle at his residence. The suspect “is cooperating with investigators,” police said in a statement.

Police added there was at least one passenger in the man’s vehicle at the time when Cody was hit.