Pink is a versatile color that can be muted, bold or bright. It can also be gender-neutral and perfect for a host of applications, from social areas such as living rooms to child-friendly spaces.

Why pink?

Pink is a color that comes in a myriad of shades and can easily be paired with other colors. Pink mixed with gray becomes more of a mauve, while pink mixed with white becomes more of a powder pink. Deep shades such as hot pink can be used to add a bold pop of color.

Looking for ways to incorporate pink into your home? Here are some top tips.


1. Do use pink as an accent color.

2. Do pair pink with foundation colors such as white, black, gray and even chocolate brown.

3. Do pair pink with citrus colors such as yellow and orange.

4. Do use pink in various rooms of the home such as social areas spaces to child-friendly spaces.

5. Do use artwork to incorporate hues of pink into a space.


1. Don't use too many different shades of pink in the same space.

2. Don't be afraid to use pink as an accent wall color.

3. Don't overlook the opportunity to use pink as portable decor, such as throws and toss pillows.

4. Don't omit opportunities to bring pink into a space using hints of color such as small accessories, books, florals and blooms.

5. Don't use shades of pink that are too soft or muted. Choose colors that are distinct and visible within your decor space.

Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is an Emmy Award-winning television host and a nationally known interior design and home staging expert.