Donald Fraser through the years

Donald Fraser, former Minneapolis Mayor and DFL leader, has died at 95. 


November 7, 1962: Donald Fraser celebrates with family after defeating Walter Judd to be elected to the House of Representatives from Minnesota's Fifth District.
March 15, 1963: After a session at the capitol, Minnesota's two new congressmen, Donald Fraser (left) of the 5th District, and Alec Olson, of the 6th District, walk back to their offices in the old House Office Building.
November 2, 1964: Democrat Donald Fraser voted early this morning at the First Congregational Church, 5th St. and 8th Ave.
October 23, 1968: U.S. Rep. Don Fraser (right) jokes with his opponent, Harmon Ogdahl, at a Lions Club function.
November 4, 1970: Two exuberant DFL candidates, Rep. Donald Fraser, second from left, and Hubert Humphrey - held each other's hands aloft in a victory sign Tuesday night at the Leamington Hotel. Sen. Walter F. Mondale, D-Minn., grinned at left; Mrs. Humphrey was at right. Fraser won re-election over challenger Dick Enroth; Humphrey defeated Rep. Clark Mac-Gregor for the U.S. Senate.
October 24, 1970: Three leading members of the DFL Party in Minnesota talked during the DFL Bean Feed at the Minneapolis Armory. Sen. Eugene McCarthy, left, chatted with Rep. Donald Fraser of the 5th District, center, and Hubert H. Humphrey, a candidate for the Senate seat McCarthy is relinquishing.
August 7, 1973: Commissioner Richard Hanson, Rep. Donald Fraser and Sen. Hubert Humphrey sign a beam during the completion of the steel framework of the $34-million General Hospital.
January, 1980: Mayor Donald Fraser's inaugural speech at City Hall.
January 2, 1980: Vice President Walter Mondale and Mayor Donald Fraser at Fraser's swearing-in ceremony.
January 2, 1980: Mayor Donald Fraser and his wife, Arvonne, in the reception line following inaugural ceremonies.
January, 1980: Mayor Donald Fraser at his desk.
August 17, 1982: Mayor Donald Fraser made budget recommendations that included a $2.6 million cut in city services.
St. Paul Mayor George Latimer, left, Minneapolis Mayor Donald Fraser, right, joined Robert Hill, president of Prudential Insurance Companyƕs North Central Operations, in starting an arts award program for the Twin Cities. 7/22/81. Earl Seubert.
September 29, 1984: Mayor Donald Fraser took a ride on a camel.
October 14, 1980: Mayor Donald Fraser joined a crew of Shriners who were on the Nicollet Mall Tuesday to remind the public that treatment at Shrine hospitals is available without charge to qualified children.
March 31, 1981: Mayor Donald Fraser watched TV coverage in his office.
February 8, 1990: Theresa Bedor Smith's second grade class is having a series of local celebs and well-known Twin Citians who will be guest readers, All this at the Jefferson Spanish immersion learning center. Minneapolis Mayor Don Fraser was the guest reader.
June 12, 1987: Mayor Donald Fraser appears in an illusion for Dan Witkowski during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Minneapolis Convention Center.
April 7, 1987: Minneapolis Mayor Don Fraser, left, and his Saint Paul counterpart, George Latimer, tossed first balls at the Twins home opener at the Metrodome. 43,548 fans watched a 5-4 victory over Oakland in 10 innings.
October 14, 1987: Twin Cities mayors George Latimer of St. Paul (1) and Donald Fraser of Minneapolis chuckle after being presented commemorative Wheaties boxes with their pictures emblazoned on them.
June 28, 1985: Mayor Donald Fraser was first to bat against the automatic pitching machine at the Metrodome Friday night for the M.A.D.A. home run derby.
April 13, 1988: Minneapolis Mayor Donald Fraser spoke to kids at the YWCA at 1130 Nicollet Mail before 100 balloons were released to give an official lift to the Week of the Young Child.
June 5, 1984: Minneapolis Mayor Donald Fraser, with a pulse monitor clipped to his right ear, pedaled his way to a heartbeat of 115 per minute under the watchful eye of Dr. John Basset, a Group Health, Inc., cardiologist.
Donald Fraser and his wife, Arvonne, in June, 1986.
September 18, 1985: Minneapolis Mayor Donald Fraser and City Council V.P. Tony Scallon listen to testimony to the House Appropriations Committee.
July 27,1991: University High School classes of 1940 and 1941 were treated to a bus tour by Mayor Donald Fraser for their 50th reunion.
October 1, 1992: Minneapolis Mayor Donald Fraser spoke with the Rev. Jesse Jackson during a meeting at Zion Baptist Church in Minneapolis. At right are Spike Moss, director of at-risk services at the city, and St.Paul police chief William Finney.