Well, better late than never. Snow lovers of all ages have been shortchanged in recent months. But weather patterns are conspiring to lift the spirits of beleaguered Minnesotans scanning the 7-Day in search of Serious Flakes.

The persistence of the warm signal has been remarkable, but long nights and deep snows over Canada will send a jolt of cold air south of the border in time for the New Year. The arrival of this Saskatchewan Slap spins up a deep storm Monday, capable of tapping moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Models are converging on a solution, and the normally reliable ECMWF (the European model) prints out 8 to 12 inches of snow Monday night. Nothing is definite (it never is), but you've been warned.

I'm predicting a Happy Numb Year with late week highs in the teens; the wind will make it feel like 0F.

Record snows have closed ski resorts in the Pacific Northwest; floods and tornadoes in the south, 70s and 80s out east.

It's been quiet here, but the pattern is shifting. The other boot is about to drop. This is Minnesota. Let it snow!